The Body Book by HITRECORD
The Body Book by HITRECORD
The Body Book by HITRECORD

The Body Book by HITRECORD

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The Body Book is a collection of stories and poems written by dozens of HITRECORD artists all compiled under a single theme—the body. As the instrument of daily life, the witness to all things you will make and see and do, and the home where you will settle all regrets, all loves, it seemed like an appropriate vessel.

Each chapter is comprised of several pieces of writing—some
by individual authors, some written by several writers in collaboration—grouped by a thematic connection to a specific part of the body. Some of the connections are fairly literal, while others are more abstract; the “Blood” chapter includes a gory story called 
Mr. Bricks, but it also includes one called Bloodline, in which the narrator reflects on his genetic inheritance.

This is the first time HITRECORD has published a collection such as this. Many of the pieces included here were originally part of’s Weekly Writing Challenge—a revolving challenge for writers with new prompts each week. Other pieces in this collection represent the rich and varied voices of the HITRECORD community, giving a home to some of their most textured and interesting work.


Trim size: 5” x 8”
Page count: 200 pages
Cover: Hard cover, 2 Color Matte Foil embossed into Cloth
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